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Comprehensive Medical Services
for Edmonton Patients

Hudson Clinic Corp offers primary care for patients of all ages, and we strive to provide comprehensive health care in a comfortable, calming environment.

The physicians at Hudson Clinic Corp provide a range of medical services for Edmonton patients, including:

Complete medical and annual checkups

Disable parking authorization

Drivers medical

Maternity leave and employment insurance forms

Minor surgical procedures (including mole removal)

Stitching and stitch removal

Nebulizer for children & adult

Wart treatment


Pap tests

Pre-employment medical

Pre-operative forms

Sick notes

Tetanus injections


WCB claims

Senior and children care

Attending physician statement for your insurance company

Certificate of fitness with/without exam

Prescription refill

Pharmacy next door

For more information about our services, please give us a call.


Family-Centred Health Care

We provide care for patients of all ages – from children to the elderly.

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